Welcome to Spectrum Specialists – experienced clinicians in autism spectrum disorder based in Oxfordshire.

We specialise in working with people who are, or may be, on the autistic spectrum. This may involve a variety of approaches:

  • carrying out an assessment and diagnostic interview
  • providing¬†feedback and/or training to help families or staff understand how best to support someone who is on the autistic spectrum
  • providing individual therapy for someone to help them recognise and harness their strengths and increase well-being, and learn coping strategies to help reduce frustration and anxiety
  • providing specialist Forensic assessments
  • more general psychological assessment as well as offering specific models of therapy

We can help you think about what a formal diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder might mean for you, and the associated advantages and disadvantages.

We are experienced in providing therapy to people on the autistic spectrum (with and without learning disabilities), and people with forensic issues and as well as people without either. We therefore understand the need for making any intervention individualised and person centred.